Shop – Skining the shop!


They finished, or ‘skinned’ the building today. First they but in the doors and windows and then wrapped it in Reflectix insulation.



Here is a shot of the siding going on:



Here it is all finished up Front:



And the back:



Now to grade and cleanup the outside. I am going to leave the doors and windows open to help the concrete dry right.
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Shop – Finishing the Foundation


They preped the foundation today, I tried to put as much of the electrical conduit in the foundations as I can. There are 4 zones per side. One in the floor and 3 about10 feet apart. I will show more pictures when I get to the wiring.



You can also see the 4 floor plug boxes. The main conduit is 1 inch and the side branches are 3/4 inch.


Here they are Pouring the cement:


Slab all finished up.

It took 3 days, a stuck cement truck, a dumped cement load,and a lot of Honey Buns. But is is finished.
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Found the water main to the house!

Well we needed 3 more loads of dirt for the shop, after 9 loads already delivered to the same spot we discovered that the water line was not where we thought it was:
After a little digging and cleaning it was ready to fix. Really sucks when it is cold BTW:

Quick and dirty Repair! It is cold and the family needs water, like many things you dont realize how much until it is gone!
No to continue with the shop!
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