Shop Dust Collector – Harbor Freight 2HP Collector Externally Vented

Back in the shop! I decided to vent my 2 HP Harbor Freight Dust Collector to the great outdoors. Hereis my original HF dust collector installed in the old shop. I will continue to use Thein Cyclone I built so there will only be fine dust blowing out.
First thing I did, while I had everything apart was touch up the paint:
Using 2×4’s and some very long lag bolts we got the Harbor Freight 2 HP motor mounted on the wall. The 2×4’s are mounted to the wall with 5 inch lag bolts screwed into the wall studs, the mounting bracket is bolted on using 2 inch lag bolts screwed into the 2×4’s.
Mounted up the impeller shroud:

I had to notch out one of the 2×4’s to get it to work:


Cut a hole in the wall and attached the vent. I sealed everything up with HVAC tape.


Here is a shot of the outside. Sealed everything up with clear silicone:
Here is what I used to build the vent. Metal 4 inch vent and a metal 5 to 4 inch reducer. Not pictured are 2 rubber 4 inch grommets I used to seal each end of the pipe.
I built a cart to hold the Thein Cyclone and hooked everything up. Added wheels to the cart so I could just roll it out and empty.
Next up if putting in 4 inch PVC for the plumbing.
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